Our Company

Sustainability, Growth and Innovation

Y-City Power Wash™ is a family owned corporation and has been serving Ohio since 1996. By providing services all through out Ohio! YCPW started out in mobile fleet washing in the beginning and has expanded our services over the years with a unique range, as we continue and strive becoming your one source partner covering every angle and aspects for all your cleaning needs and projects keeping your company image clean -safe and professional.

Y-City Power Wash™ surpasses a quarter of a century of services as we continue to further our commitment to environmental sustainability, bio-degradable washing agents, and water recovery filtration systems. Our dedicated team continues to grow and innovate new processes, procedures and safety standards.

Hard-work, Dedication and Quality 

Y-City Power Wash™ is dedicated to are industry for transportation and commercial facility cleaning services. Our mission standard is providing our customers with quality and dedication on every job are teams arrive on, for the past 25+ years Y-City Power Wash Inc. sets high standards for our operations sustaining are quality, integrity and workmanship.

Y-City Power Wash™ works countless days and hours that built and structured the foundation of hard work and proven processes over many years that continues to grow new avenues and paths with our set standards. Our team continues to educate are customers on growing concerns in our industry and how Y-City Power Wash can make an impact for many years ahead and further are commitment in every aspect in our industry.